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Visual Localize is a tool for the translation and adaptation of the graphical user interface (GUI) of your software applications. The user can translate executable software modules into any national language. No programming skills are required. A preview (WYSIWYG) shows the context of the dialogs and menus in which the text appears in the running application. After the translation automated test routines check the application for errors which have been made during translation, e.g. text that doesn’t fit onto a control in the target language. In that way the error risk is reduced and the quality of the localized version improved. Only one person is required for any step of the localization process. Visual Localize automatically detects the new or changed texts in a newer version of your application. Existing translations and adaptations of the GUI are reused for the updated source application. Thus the localization effort is reduced about 90% in most cases. The developer doesn’t need to coach the translator during translation. He can focus on his core competencies and enhance the development. Thus the time-to-market for your products can be fastened which is a real competitive edge. The localization effort is reduced in that way, too. The translation of your software and online help only requires one tool. To share work with all persons involved only one file format is necessary. Even the Visual Localize license can be transferred for the duration of the project within several minutes. This reduces the complexity of the whole localization process. Visual Localize is very flexible tool. The handling can be learned very quickly due to the intuitive user guidance.

Visual Localize (NET):


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