Resta is a FREE Screensaver brought to you by It allows you to plug in multiple Screensavers purchased from as well as adding your own images to create something customised to your taste. Screensavers available from include Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Palace of Versailles, Peterhof and Great Architecture of Europe. Features: * Support for all modern image formats including PNG,JPEG,BMP,etc... * Create one or more Resta Sets containing images from your own collection * Each Resta set can select an unlimited number of images from an unlimited number of folders * Add in one or more purchased Screensavers from * Images are randomly selected from any one of the sets or purchased screensavers you have installed * Turn off any one of the Sets if you do not want it displaying as part of the screensaver * Transitions between images * Images are scaled automatically to fit in the screen * Specify the font and font size to display text with each image * Select which image properties such as File Name and Date to display with the image * If available, the image description can be displayed * Specify the period of time to display each image


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royal palace





This free Real Castle Screensaver shows beautiful pictures of the most famous castles and royal palaces from different countries. You will see the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, the Hermitage in Russia, the Louvre in France, Buckingham Palace in England and many other magnificent royal residences from all over the world. Put this screensaver on your monitor and admire the fascinating architectural masterpieces right on your desktop!


Real Castle Screensaver:




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