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Tiff counter is an easy to use Tiff page count application. It supports all versions of single and multi-page tiff files. Tiff counter also support tiff files which is compressed. Tiff counter also the known to be fastest tiff counting application for windows. We have tested Tiff counter with 60000+ tiff pages. Working with Tiff counter to count your tiff files is very easy. Just select folder containing tiff files and press “COUNT TIFF Files” button. And Tiff Counter would give you Pages of every single and multi-page tiff files and also Total no of pages of selected files. Ideal for imaging bureaus where and accurate page count of tiff files is essential to prepared estimation of work. Tiff counter can do this in few seconds with easy to use interface. You can also export tiff page count data into excel and text files for your reference. Features -> A simple, flexible and powerful interface. -> Tiff Counter supports individual page counts. -> Show total page counts. -> Page count data export to text, Microsoft Word, Excel and CSV files. -> Customized GUI through Preferences. -> Fast and effective searches. -> Support multi-page and single page tiffs. 

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