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Change file / folder date, time (timestamp) and attributes. Change JPG date. Expands Windows "property" tabs to display additional file properties. View file and folder content (copy file list to clipboard). View file and directory description. Manage Creation date, Modified date and Last Accessed date. Supports Archive, Hidden, System, Temporary, Offline, Not content indexed, Encrypted, Compressed, Reparse point and Sparse file. Works on most Microsoft Windows (98 / Me / NT / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista). Features: - Modify file date and time; - Ability to change file dates right in Windows shell; - Change file attributes; - Change JPG date in Exif information; - View file / folder content (copy file list to clipboard); - View file / folder description; - Dynamically loads into memory and unloads; - Install / uninstall included; - Full right-click context sensitive help; - FREE lifetime updates / upgrades; - e-update - checks for updates automatically;

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A resizable and easy to use photo gallery with lots of great features. All configuration and image data are read from external XML files. You can add unlimited number of photos and categories just by editing the xml file. Use CSS / HTML to format photo descriptions. It’s written entirely in AS3 and can be easily integrated in other projects. Fully dynamic and configurable. Main Features: * Supports unlimited number of photos * Supports unlimited number of categories * Fully configurable (More than 20 XML parameters) * Uses the perfect fit algorithm to get the best results for different monitor settings. * Supports full screen * Tweener driven * Resizable * Use CSS and HTML to format photo descriptions * Nice gradient background * Add dates to your categories * Supports auto slideshow * Optimized for faster browsing * Developed using object-oriented methods. * Clean and commented code * Comes with a help file 

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RenameMaestro is the easy way to rename your files and folders. Use all of the internal photo music and video information when renaming files. Rename files but keep the existing file numbers meaningful. Find and replace easily. Use the quick single action mode, or step by step multiple action mode. Drag drop and rename thousands of files instantly. Save actions for later use. And you get an immediate preview every step of the way. Features include the ability to see internal information about every file and all of the JPEG, MP3, AVI, RAW and AAC file information. The Easy Renaming action lets you create numbered files quickly; if you want to maintain the increments in file numbers just select the magic numbering box. You can add dates and times in your chosen format, increasing for each file if you like. Or add numbers and even letters that increase or decrease in the same way. Change the created, modified and last accessed dates of files and folders with ease. And RenameMaestro will never rename your files until you're ready. If you save your actions, just import and reuse them again and again whenever you like. 

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