PrivacyAgent is a powerful PC activity history and file deletion utility that can be used to clear all your private activity histories - including emails(sent/received/saved), website visits, documents viewed and more! PrivacyAgent can clean all browser histories on your computer. Prevent others from seeing sensitive data - Clean it with PrivacyAgent! Secure Military Strength Internet History Cleaning and File Deletion Worry about others seeing what you do on your PC? Do you want to prevent others from seeing what websites you visit? Files you run? Documents you view? PrivacyAgent is the award-winning security solution that securely cleans your PC activity histories with military strength deletion routines. PrivacyAgent has the ability to cover up your previous PC activity, as well as clean selected files and directories that you specify! PrivacyAgent's Key Features Cleans All Internet Histories Cleans Recent Documents History Cleans Run History Cleans Selected Files and Folders Cleans Recycling Bin Contents Cleans Internet Cookies Cleans Internet Temp Files Military Strength Deletion Plugins for more Deletions Deletion Scheduling Multiple Security Levels Powerful Graphical Interface Stealth Mode Protects your Privacy!


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Novosoft Office Backup Home Version is a user-friendly backup and recovery program which can back up music, games, videos, photos, emails, ICQ, Registry, My Documents, Desktop and Favorites folders and other data to CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, FTP, external drives and local drives. It provides maximum protection of your home PC safeguarding personal data from loss and theft. A simple and intuitive task creation wizard takes your through the whole process of backup and recovery, providing useful tips at each step of backup, recovery and synchronization. Other features of Novosoft Office Backup Home Version include two backup modes: standard – for quick backups, and expert – for a more specific task adjustment, task scheduler which allows you to perform backups automatically on a specified time with a minute accuracy, file selection tools such as mask and extensions filters, data compression which saves storage space, data encryption which guarantees data security during storage and transfer, backup with file versions and timestamps to keep track of all file modifications. The program can operate under Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003. It has minimum download and setup time and consumes very little system resources. While running, the program does not affect your computer performance and does not interfere with other programs and applications. 

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