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Dennis The Menace is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System game based on the 1993 movie. A game was also released for the Game Boy The object is to defeat a burglar who managed to find Dennis' town via the local railroad connection. Stages include Mr. Wilson's house, the great outdoors, a boiler room, and eventually the big boss battle with the burglar himself. Before the actual playing takes place, Dennis has just discovered that he left Mr. Wilson's door unlocked, and a thief has stolen Mr. Wilson's entire coin collection. Dennis must retrieve all of the coins before Mr. Wilson finds out. The games starts out in Mr. Wilson's house, in which there are 4 main coins that must be found. However, there are smaller coins which do not affect gameplay, only score. Once the four main coins are found, the final coin (which cannot be attained until the previous 4 coins are found) is touchable, leading Dennis onto the next stage. The next set of stages are given titles, with the naming process being as such: "Name #", replacing "Name" with the title of the set, and "#" with the subsequent level of the set (up to 6). The same coin-collection game is present throughout the rest of the game (with the exception of two stages in the first park stage set, wherein Dennis must traverse the park on a wagon led by his dog). After each sixth level, there is a boss stage, followed by a new set of levels. The sets of levels are, in order, Mr. Wilson's House, Park, Boiler Room, Sewers, and finally, Woods. The end of the woods levels, and the subsequent beating of the final boss, marks the end of the game. 

Dennis the Menace:


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