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This game test your memory, and, ultimately, your sanity. The object of the game is to memorize sequence of lights. On that note, does anyone remember those Simon commercials in the '80s? How could you forget! :). Use your mouse to click start and click the color bars. Memorize the colors.You can do it!


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EzyCal allows you to create personalized custom test patterns that incorporate industry standard grayscale and color bars. These can be used when calibrating your screen display device (eg. CRT or LCD Monitor) or when determining the appropriate settings for editing photos/images in your photo editing software (such as Adobe Photoshop). EzyCal is different because it allows you to use your own images to create test patterns that suit your purpose. EzyCal assumes that you have an objective for your chosen pictures. This means that the test patterns that you create are suited to the task that you need to calibrate your monitor for. Although we call it Ezy "Cal", EzyCal can be used not only to calibrate your monitor, but to , and to assisting you to explore the powerful utilities built into your operating system that allow you to create, store, and change between ICC Profiles. A lot of people feel overwhelmed by the complexities of color management utilities in their operating system, or are afraid of making a mess of their operating system configuration and thus avoid learning how to use ICC Profiles. But once you know how to create your own ICC Profiles, it becomes as simple as one click to change between saved profiles. These saved profiles can be created to meet your requirements and loaded when you need them. For example: improving the color on a DVD of an old movie that is badly over-staturated. We hope that you will appreciate the practical nature of EzyCal. Rather than needing to read a User Manual of 1000 pages before you can do anything, the Workflows in Section 2 of the User Guide enable you to learn a little bit at a time by doing - each time achieving a real practical objective. Remember: when using EzyCal, you are not just calibrating your display device because you think you ought to; you are producing Test Patterns and ICC Profiles that allow you to achieve your objectives!

Simon - Memorize sequence of lights:

EzyCal Display Calibrator (Mac OS X):


ScreenDiscoverer является эффективным приложением, которое позволяет изменять масштаб увеличения различных объектов, делать снэпшоты любой части экрана, подбирать определенные цвета, а также отображать характеристики цвета в HTML, HEX, RGB, HSV и CMYK форматах. Встроенный Zooomer предоставляет возможность пользователю фиксировать области экрана и отдельные объекты окон в Drag’n’Drop и Timer режимах, а затем копировать их в буфер обмена или сохранять в .bmp файлы. Используя функцию ColorPicker, вы получаете возможность сохранять до 16 выбранных цветов одновременно и передавать их непосредственно в Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw. ScreenDiscoverer позволяет снять копию определенной области экрана, выбранного элемента окна или экран полностью и вывести скопированный объект на предварительный просмотр. Функция Capturer делает возможной сортировку полученных изображений по группам. Скопированные объекты могут быть сохранены в буфер обмена, в файлы различных форматов (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tif) a также отправлены на распечатку или по электронной почте. Интерфейс приложения прост, компактен и удобен в навигации, он позволяет эффективно использовать доступное пространство экрана, при этом конфигурация окон приложения может быть изменена по желанию пользователя. Вы можете легко определять все необходимые настройки и использовать программу именно так, как Вам нравится. ScreenDiscoverer удовлетворяет требованиям дизайнеров-профессионалов, но тем не менее он не требует никаких специальных технических или компьютерных знаний. Возможность определять комбинации «горячих» клавиш согласно собственному вкусу делает ScreenDiscoverer еще более удобным. Это легкое в использовании и рентабельное приложение предлагает максимум условий для Вашего удобства при использовании минимальных ресурсов. 



ScreenTools is a quick and small tool that combines capabilities of screen magnifier, screen ruler, screen capturer and color picker in the single application. It is the best choice for designers, web-masters and GUI developers. Screen Magnifier is main function of the ScreenTools. All small details on the screen become noticeable and turn available for analysis. Magnification range can be changed from 1x up to 32x. Three modes are available: - Mouse mode. View point is set to the mouse position. - Fixed mode. View point is set once by mouse click and stays fixed until next mode. - Loupe mode. View point is set to the position right under magnifier and it acts as a movable magnifying glass on the screen. Screen Ruler allows the accurate measure of anything on the computers screen. This is especially useful when measuring graphics, web page browser sizes or whatever. Horizontal and vertical rulers are available. Ruler's scale is same as magnification range, so the bigger range - the more accurate measure! Screen Capturer allows to make a shot of a part of the screen and copy it to the Windows clipboard being zoomed as well as keeping its original size. Color Picker allows to determine the magnitude of the various color components which make up a color on the screen and display them in CMYK, RGB, HSV, HEX and HTML formats. It's primary target is those of who get frustrated trying to match a color on the screen. It is also particularly useful for determining the color hex codes needed in HTML documents. Features: - Easy to use interface; - 1x-32x screen zoom; - Mouse, Fixed and Loupe modes; - Horizontal/vertical screen ruler; - Magnified area can be copied to the clipboard; - Works with layered/semitransparent windows (Mouse and Fixed modes only); - Full color information in CMYK, RGB, HSV, HEX and HTML formats. Requirements: - Windows 98 or better; - Pentium(R) CPU 450 Mhz or better; - At least 32 Mb of RAM. 

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