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Comic Book Millennium 6 gives the user many tools to track their comic book collection. It is written by a comic book collector for comic book collectors. The first version of this program was written because no programs at the time offered the ability to quickly add several runs of a single series without having to reenter all the information each time. The program has evolved over the years into its present form. Key Features: Add Single Issues or Multiple Issues at a time Add All of Your Monthly Comics with a Single Click Keep as Much or As Little Data on a Comic that you want Over 30 Different Reports to choose from Easily Update Information on single or multiple issues Delete Multiple Issues of a series with a single click Keep Track of a Want List New in Version 5 Add your monthly subscriptions More Reports More Fields – From 16 fields in the previous version to 42! Dropdown lists of your titles, publishers and more so that you don’t have to type everything Keep track of more than one collection on a computer Requirements: Windows 98 or Higher and a Pdf Viewer. Other requirements will be downloaded and installed if needed. A Pdf viewer can be downloaded from Adobe.

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