It's 2 Programs in 1 : VideoChat (1-to-1 audio & video chat, Personal Address Book, BuzzCard invite-a-friend, NAT Router / LAN Support and easy setup Wizard), and VideoChat Plus! (High Quality Audio / Video Group Chat, Real-Time Conference Recording & Archiving, and Video email (30 seconds of video in just 65Kb). Buzz 3D VideoChat Plus! is a professional Video Conferencing suite wrapped up in one easy-to-use, friendly package. The 28 day free trial lets you talk 1-to-1 with anyone, anywhere in the world, whilst upgrading to the Plus! license unlocks the ability to group-chat (128kbits/sec or higher upload speeds required), record video and audio emails using our incredibly compressed file format (30-second videomails in just 65Kb) as well as record your entire conferencing session in real-time for playback later.


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Buzz 3D VideoChat Plus:


Do You Want AUTOMATED Install Or Upgrade Microsoft WINDOWS Operating System On Your Computer With Setup Files. Then UWin Installer (UWI) is what you NEED! UWI Is A Tool For Quick & Easy AUTOMATED Install Or Upgrade Of Microsoft WINDOWS O.S. From Setup Files. UWI works for WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 Operating System Installation/Upgradation. What Can UWI do: - Makes WINDOWS Operating System Installatiion Quicker Byy 30% - Scans Operating System Files Using The Hiighly Intelliggent Scanning Engine For Different WINDOWS (version) O.S. Compatibility - Finds & Applies Best Suitable Method For UWI Suppoorted WINDOWS Installation Or Upgradation On Your Computer - Shows You Information About Operating Sysstem Files Inccluding Driver Version, Product type etc. - Can Controls WINDOWS Installation/Upgradaation In 5 diffferent Methods Or As Specified By User. - Enables To Specify Different WINDOWS O.S.. Settings Beffore WINDOWS Is Installed/Upgraded - Enables Administrators to choose 67 WINDOOWS Componentss For Customizing Server Or Desktop Installation - Enables Users To Customize their P.C. WINNDOWS Installaation With Some Really Cool Tricks - Enables To AUTOMATE Other Programs Installlation Simulttaneously With WINDOWS O.S. - Enables To Format Drives & Partition the RAW Disk without any need of Other Tool or software. - Enables You To Start WINDOWS 2000/XP/20033 Installationn From Real DOS Mode Faster by 66% With UWISD Module. - UWI Supports Installation Of : - WINDOWS 98 - WINDOWS 98 SE - WINDOWS Me - WINDOWS 2000 Server Edition - WINDOWS XP Edition - WINDOWS 2003 Server Edition UWI 3.0.0 Is Basically a tool for all newbie’s, Begginers, Advanced Users who wants WINDOWS AUTOMATED Installation Or Upgradation fast & easy. 

UWin Installer:


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