WipeDir is a utility designed for use by developers to facilitate the removal of directories that may contain open files. Though intended for use as part of uninstall methods, it may have other applications. Features include : Two versions, GUI and console; Several options controlled by command-line switches; If unable to delete a directory immediately, it waits for up to five seconds for other applications to close. If still unable to delete the directory, it can instruct Windows to delete the directory when next restarted.


delete index.dat

Ldap Administration

Delete Address Bar History

Ldap Browser

Western Sahara Detectives Directory







LDAP Admin Tool is the premier GUI administration tool for Ldap/Active Directory management, control and development. LDAP Admin Tool provides you with the ability to perform all the necessary LDAP admin routines such as creating, editing, copying, extracting and dropping ldap objects. It supports all the latest ldap features; moreover, you can query ldap using SQL like syntax, accomplish ldap administration operations in a few mouse clicks, view and edit data including Binary and Images, export and import data to/from most popular file formats, edit the attributes using different editors, manage ldap users and their privileges and use a lot of other admin functions designed for making your work with LDAP server comfortable and efficient. LDAP Admin Tool Features: 1. Easy Ldap Management 2. Tabbed Browsing 3. Drag and Drop 4. Search 5. SSL support 6. LDAP Bind/Rebind 7. SQL Syntax Search 8. Powerful attribute editors 9. Acess multiple directories 10. Browse Large directories 11. View all available attributes 12. Customization according to your needs 13. Multiple entries/directory sizing 14. Both windows and Linux versions available Top 10 reasons to use Ldap Admin Tool 1. LDAP version2 and version3 support 2. Both Windows and Linux Versions available 3. Clear in use 4. SQL-LDAP 5. Tools for both ldap Administrators and Developers 6. Easy Attribute management 7. Powerful data export and import 8. Less Strain on directory servers 9. SSL Support 10. Copy or Move entries across directories 

Ldap Admin Tool:


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