CalendarPal by Cloudeight is a personal desktop calendar, events calendar and organizer program, making it easy to organize your schedule, keep track of events, create daily notes, reminders, "To Do" lists and more. Plus, CalendarPal puts your local weather and severe alerts right on your calendar and your system tray. Easy to add Daily Notes! Add a note or notes to any day on your calendar. Just right click on the date and type in your note. Your note will be visible on your calendar until you remove it. Just like a paper calendar only a lot better! Set Reminders & choose sound alert and/or window alert! Let CalendarPal help you remember important events, birthdays, appointments, and more. CalendarPal makes it easy to set up automatic reminders. You can set up daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reminders. You can also easily create one-time reminders. And you can set reminder as far in the future as you want! You can choose an audio alert, popup window alert, or both. Never forget an important event again! Make a ToDo list! Throw away those paper lists of things to do. CalendarPal makes it simple to create "To Do" lists that are always visible on your desktop and your Calendar. Items on your "To Do" list remain until you mark them completed - assuring you that you don't forget "To Do" anything on your "To Do" list. Easily Browse Through Previous or Future Months and Years: Click through previous or future months and instantly return to today's date. You can browse back and forth though months and years with just a click. Return to the current month and day anytime with one click! Weather At a Glance: Gives you the option of displaying your current temperature, wind chill, barometer, humidity, sunrise, sunset, wind, wind direction and more in your system tray. Change Themes: Installs with eight themes for the program - And we have lots more for you to download free from our Themes Page. Themes make it easy to change the way your calendar looks


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SNV Timer is an easy-to-use desktop schedule program which includes multiple circuit countdown timers and alarms with a lot of scheduled tasks and greatly custom skins. You can set each alarm or timer to display a multi custom message, open a picture or a video clip, play a MP3, WAV, MID and other audio files (including their random selection from a specified folder), run an application or screen saver, shut down your PC, dial a phone number, open a document or a web page, and much more. You can set various intervals for your alarms and timers: daily, on different days of the week, every 1...99999 seconds/minutes/hours/days, weekly, monthly, yearly. Are you tired of standard Windows messages? No problem. Make your own message boxes! You can set a background image (including its random selection from a specified folder), color, font, border, size, shape, gradual appearing/disappearing, symbol-by-symbol print and other properties of your messages. New! Are you tired of typing a trigger time? No problem. Set the time by simple rotation of hour-hand with mouse! Do you want to use your voice as alert? No problem. Make your own voice alerts with the embedded voice recorder! SNV Timer can also be a normal desktop clock. You can customize its background image, color, border, size, shape, title, shadow, tray icon and more.


SNV Timer:


South Park Desktop Buddy uses animated cartoon South Park characters display on your desktop. Your desktop buddy displays your favorite South Park friends such as: Cartman Stan Kyle Kenny Tweak Butters Ike Timmy The Mole Terrance and Philip If you are a South Park fan you owe it to yourself to get this! Download it for free now! 

South Park Desktop Buddy:

Nicole The Desktop Singer:

Kids collect NOKs! NOKs are live trading cards figures that talk, sing and dance. Download Nicole De Simone, an intelligent and very talkative NOK. She is a cool desktop buddy, and she will talk with you and perform her special song. Collect series of these cool NOKs in action-packed battle games and trade them in multiplayer trading markets. No Installation needed! 

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