CoolTabs is a powerful application designed to tidy up your desktop and provide a fast way for organizing and opening your applications, folders, shortcuts and documents which you frequently access. The CoolTabs application fully supports the Drag and Drop technology, so each shortcut can be set by dragging & dropping any file, folder, or even URL on the dock cell. Want to download an URL? Don't make the unwanted movements, just drag & drop it on a folder shortcut. Want to upload a file on a personal FTP server? Don't launch a massive FTP client, just drag & drop the file on a ftp-server shortcut. That's all. Even if you want to send a document to any mail recipient, just drag & drop it on email shortcut. The CoolTabs applications will simplify and speed up every aspect of daily work on your computer considerably. It can be attached to any side of the screen, so it does not take up the valuable place on your space when it is not active. You can have as many different docks as you would like, with very flexible settings for each one. Set hot-keys, colors, fonts, textures. Make a dock to be semi-transparent. Choose the size of icons displayed, whether the names of the items are shown, and much more. You can have multiple layers of items in docks, clicking on the folder tabs shown above to choose between them. No more having to open endless folders by folders. Say good-bye to those annoying shortcuts covering your desktop. CoolTabs provides you instant access to every single item on your desktop.


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The Gr8start Desktop Launcher and Communicator heralds a new era for the desktop because it brings a whole new way of launching and organising all the programs and files on your computer as well as all of your 3rd party web or network applications. Its iPhone style interface allows the user to organise and group all applications and folders in any way they want and then customise the applications so that they are easily identifiable via a combination of icons and text. * Fully branded desktop application * Small size client application – + 1 Mb * Easy to install * Launch any application, programme, document, link, shortcut, favourites. folders, music with just one click * Keeps the desktop clean and organised * Accessed via system tray, mouse or hotkey * Portable – can be run on the hard drive or flash disk * Solid or transparent backgrounds * Changeable skins * Customisable – groups, categories, buttons, icons and more * Personalized alerts can be sent to one user or groups of users through the dedicated messaging window * Add, customize and display your own RSS feeds * Client configurable with pre defined links to applications and services * Network configurable with pre defined links to applications and services * Runs on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista


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You´ll be sweating playing this game! The NASA Launcher free kids game was made for players that are really, really good at playing arcade games. For rookies it is near to impossible navigating the successful launch of the NASA space shuttle. You need to train quite a bit to be able to start collecting points. This game is not for arcade newbie neither for arcade pro wannabes. It is for all those players out there that urge for a game which has what it takes to bring their arcade skills to the limits and beyond. 

The NASA Launcher:


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