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You can customize and change style of Ribbon, Classic Menus and Toolbars in Office 2007 as if it were Office 2003. Add or remove any of tabs, groups, buttons, galleries, menus, combo boxes, labels, edit boxes, split buttons, toggle buttons, check boxes and other controls of Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007. Create your own button on Office Menu or any tabs, groups. Assign a macro to your button, click to run. Change icon of controls. Edit caption, shortcut, key tip, screen tip and super tip of your own buttons and menus. Supports all languages that are supported by Microsoft Office 2007 including: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, and more. Reorder tabs, groups (include build-in tabs and contextual tabs). Easy to install and uninstall. Quickly search and add any controls. You could customize and change ribbon style of all of Office 2007 Suites: Basic, Standard, Home and Student, Small Business, Professional, Professional Plus, Enterprise and Ultimate. It is very easy to deploy the software to all client computers in your Enterprise or Organization. Free download and trial. Free updates and supports for 2 years, use forever and 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. The suite includes: Ribbon Customizer for Word 2007 Ribbon Customizer for Excel 2007 Ribbon Customizer for PowerPoint 2007 Classic Menus and Toolbars for Word 2007 Classic Menus and Toolbars for Excel 2007 Classic Menus and Toolbars for Access 2007 Classic Menus and Toolbars for Outlook 2007 Classic Menus and Toolbars for PowerPoint 2007 

Ribbon Customizer for Office 2007:


TransWin is a tiny yet powerful tool to help you to set any or all of the windows on your desktop to be transparent. You can set any window to be transparent or to be disabled the transparent, you even can set the Start Menu and the task bar to be transparent. It supports to set the transparency value for all or any of the transparent window, which from 1 to 254. TransWin also supports to add the program path to force all the windows created by a program to be transparent, or add the filter string to make all the windows that matched the filter string to be transparent. 

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