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Backupper is a powerful and flexible data backup utility. It allows to easily create backup copies of important data even for inexperienced users. However it will help professionals as well by providing an efficient way to automate regular backups of large amount of data on a flexible schedule. Backupper guarantees safety of your valuable data: it creates backups automatically on a flexible schedule and keeps a specified number of old versions of each backup to ensure that you will not loose data in case the last version of backup contains damaged files. In addition Backupper can automatically copy new backups into several locations within local area network. Thus you can keep several backup copies on different computers to avoid data loss in case of computer failure. To prevent inconsistent backups, Backupper can automatically redo backup in case some data files were changed during last backup creation. Backupper can send notifications about its operations and status, so you will be aware of any problems and will be able to resolve them in time. Backups are stored in prevalent ZIP format and can be restored with other utilities. Backupper provides flexible setup: for each data set you can easily set up list of files to be stored in backup and a schedule for automatic backup creation. You can also use unique advanced rule mode for more flexible file selection or set up differential backup mode to save disk space. In spite of its power and flexibility Backupper has user friendly graphical interface. Special wizards make setup easy and clear. Backupper Standard runs in Windows 98 SE, Windows NT 4.0 (SP4) or Windows 2000/XP/ME and requires that Internet Explorer 5 is installed on the computer.


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D_back is a data backup tool designed to automate backing up your files with compression to local drives, network, or ftp sites. The program's main features: - Backup files and directories; - Backup open or locked files; - Backup files to Ftp; - Backup files from ftp; - Backing up to several locations simultaneously; - Burning backups to rewritable CD or DVD; - PKZip's Zip64 support (can create backup larger than 4Gb); - 7-zip LZMA compression, fully compatible with freeware 7-zip file compressor; - Full, Stack, Incremental, Differential backup types; - Sending backups via e-Mail; - Notifying user by e-mail about errors or warnings of each backup job; - Backup in Command-line mode; - Backup scheduler as independent tool (can run as NT service); - Using external file compressors for data compression; - Easy data restoring.

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