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jWebApp is a Java model-view-controller servlet-based web application framework that is specifically designed to satisfy the need for extremely simple web development. jWebApp is by far the easiest framework to learn and use, in fact, jWebApp is so simple, it can actually be learned in a matter of minutes. jWebApp provides support for all of the features you expect, but does not need additional tag libraries or extensive APIs to implement them, what you already know is all you will need. jWebApp's Features Include: - An extremely easy Java-based web application framework - Full stack web development (includes jPersist) - Model-View-Controller architecture - Incredibly easy server side AJAX support - Full support for RESTful web services - Simple configuration free web applications - Easy-to-use URL to object mapping - Extremely small learning curve (learn in minutes) - All the functionality offered by other frameworks and more - No proprietary tag libraries and no need for any - Use JSP/JSTL, Velocity, or whatever you like - Use regular HTML and Forms - Optionally use any BSF compatible scripting language - Extensive validation support for your data - Easily handle forwarding, redirects, and non-secure connections - Easily handle SSL(https) - Role level security - Container- and application-based authentication - Built-in URL rewriting for handling cookie-limited browsers - Multipart forms and file uploads - Email with attachments and HTML - Backend direct payment processing - Support for regular expression matching - Secure file downloading and uploading



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