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Enjoy playing Kakuro with SourGumdropK and discover new methods. Finish that puzzle that's got you stumped - just enter the clues and use SourGumdropK to guide you past the problem. * An easily-used puzzle solving interface * Continuously updated combination lists for all clues * Hints for fifteen solving methods * Error checking * Undo mechanism * Built-in puzzles * Puzzle input methods * Difficulty ratings Powerful but simple user interface The user inteface minimises the effort required to work on puzzles and lets you concentrate on finding the solution. For example, at any time a single mouse click will pop-up the possible combinations for any row or column. And they are always up to date, so you don't have to remember them or use tables. You can colour cells and candidates to help identify patterns. Inconsistent or incorrect answers can be shown as you set them and all moves can be undone. The solution for a single cell or the whole puzzle can be shown at any stage. You can select the hint which is easiest to understand or the one which removes the most candidates. Hint algorithms Simple Filter, Impossible Combinations, Unique intersections, Candidate Bounds, Unique candidates, Possible Permutations, Isolated Necks, Hidden Singles, Hidden Pairs, Hidden Triples, Naked Pairs, Naked Triples, Naked Quads, Xwing Internal and external puzzles SourGumdropK's built-in puzzles are given a difficulty rating depending on the algorithms required in their solution and puzzles can be selected based on their difficulty. Puzzles can be read from files or entered via a built-in editor. SourGumdropK can solve all puzzles. Entered puzzles are checked for internal consistency and for having a single solution. The appearance of the program can be set using a configuration option. The Python source code is included. 



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