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Have you ever used a criminal background checker? If you have it was probably a very poor example of what should be an easy to use, in-depth piece of software. This is what the Criminal Background Check software is. It will tell you if the person you type in has ever been involved in criminal activity. Why not use it and get the knowledge you deserve? It is 100% private and confidential meaning there is no way anyone can know you have even downloaded it, never mind searched for them! It comes with no viruses, spyware or adware so download it today!


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Are you hiring new staff? Or have you just hired a new guy and you're not sure about him? He could have a criminal record and you would never know! Follow the lead of thousands of Executives who use Employment background check and find out where he has worked in the past and if he has a criminal record! The software is a must for businesses and is simple to use, so don't worry if you're not the best with computers. There are no viruses, spyware or adware and the download takes a matter of seconds. The knowledge you will get from such a simple and easy thing to do is amazing.

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The product is one stop solution for all assessment and screening purposes including recruitment, performance appraisal, pre employment testing, post employment testing, training evaluation, etc. It is very cost effective than other online assessment products. EPractize Labs Skill Evaluation Lab has extensive features. Easy administration and configuration. Can assess the candidates of any level - Junior, Middle or Expert based on your organization structure and your requirement. Maintain the candidates' profile as well as communicate the results to the candidates from the application through email. Can create any number of groups and users, diverse question types, customizable options. Export the reports in HTML format. Currently Skill Evaluation Lab is available for evaluating J2EE Designers/Architects and J2EE Developers under the following skill areas and job specific roles 

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