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Song information (Title, album, number, lyrics...) :: Listen song track :: Bands, Albums and Songs searching :: Ranking lists (most visited, most voted, etc) :: Charts :: Custom fields (image, link, text, textarea, select, file) :: Voting system :: Uploads system :: Themes :: Automatic images optimization (powered by PHP gd library) :: Easy configuration screen :: Lots of blocks :: Multilanguage :: Easy installation :: Support forum and preview at :: Mailing lists with latest news :: support (CVS, Files, etc) -------------------- Minimum Requirements -------------------- 1. PHP 4.2.1 2. PHP-Nuke 7.7 ------------------------ Recommended Requirements ------------------------ 1. PHP 5.0 or greater. 2. PHP-Nuke 8.0 * * * * * ====================================================================== 2. New Installations ====================================================================== These are instructions for installing a fresh copy of Top Music. They should be followed step-by-step for optimum results. 1. Extract the archive and upload ALL files from directory 'html' to your root PHP-Nuke directory keeping the same directory structure: [phpnuke_root]\ [phpnuke_root]\admin\images\ [phpnuke_root]\modules\topMusic\ [phpnuke_root]\blocks\ 2. Login as administrator in your PHPNuke site. 3. Go to http://[your_site_root]/modules/topMusic/install/topmusic_install.php. Follow the instructions presented to you. -OR- Use modules/topMusic/install/metadata.sql and data.sql (advanced users only). 4. Set write permissions to the following folders: modules/topMusic/photos modules/topMusic/photos/albums modules/topMusic/themes_c modules/topMusic/themes_c/sergids modules/topMusic/tracks 5. Go to Top Music Administration / Settings section. Configure Top Music to adjust it to your needs. 



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