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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Weight Loss and Diet Center The Idiot Proof Diet is designed to hunt down and burn fat tissue by using a special food system which is NOT based on calorie counting. Calorie Counting doesn't work because you need to "shift" calories -- not count them. Guess what? ...You are currently overweight because you have never tried anything different from typical diets -- you have never tried our theory of "shifting calories" each day... ...And this is what makes our dieting results different. Our diet is scientifically engineered to make the scale keep dropping each day via "shifting calories". You can download our new 11-Day Diet Menu instantly -- and our Online Menu Generator will print out your entiremenu(after you choose which foods you like best). That's not all though... ... This new Diet System will make you slimmer no matter how overweight you are, and it will work for everybody. It will work for people who have been overweight since childhood... It will work for people who have failed using other diets... and it will work for anybody who wants to be slimmer in just 11 Days.

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