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eCentric eMail Research Tool - your solution to compiling lists of email addresses! Easily build lists of web sites who may be interested in: * your products * your services * exchanging links with you Simply start the tool monitoring and then use your browser (Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer) to visit sites of interest. The tool will automatically detect and harvest the site's contact email address. Because you choose the sites, you can be sure the addresses are relevant and that the recipient will welcome your email. Look-ahead feature enables tool to automatically follow links to pages such as "Contact us", "About Us", "Feedback" etc. Already got a list of web sites? No problem, the tool contains a "Bulk Process" feature allowing you to just paste in a list of web sites and click one button to process them all! Here are just some of the great features: * Fully background operation * Harvests emails automatically from any web page you visit * Very fast operation - builds lists quickly and effortlessly * Reads HTML, Javascript, RSS feeds, CSS files etc. * Manages sites with frames and those using Ajax * Bulk processing feature to automatically scan a list of web sites * 'Look ahead' option allows the tool to follow links automatically on any page you visit * Full control over whether or not to include an email in your list * Saves in a format that can be opened and edited in Excel * Fully configurable - specify look ahead options, notification options etc. With a full windows help file, including a tutorial, get up and running in minutes! 

Extract, Harvest Emails, eCentric eMail:

PDF-XChange Pro SDK:

Tracker Software Products Ltd are pleased to announce the latest upgrade to their best selling PDF-XChange PDF-creation tool. This is a Major release and combines significant feature and compression improvements.PDF-XChange V3 now offers: New User Interface with Simple and Advanced modes Added - LZW/JBIG/JPEG200 Compression Support Email PDF on Completion (includes MAPI and SMTP support) Job Management - Batch to temp file(s) before conversion to PDF. Mount multiple source pages to a single PDF page (max 16 pages to 1 PDF page) Acrobat 8 Format Support (1.0 - 1.7 PDF Format Support) Set PDF File - page opening characteristics. Enhanced down sampling options for Internet PDF downloading. Multiple Bookmarks per page max 256) Text or Images - from any software - not just MS Office User Profiles - Save User or Job settings and re-use for differing document types. Full Chinese, Japanese and Korean Font Support Multi Language support for User Interface. Full PDF Manual, ToolTips and Windows Help file. and much more... Now integrates with MS Office and adds toolbars, Icons and enables additional features such as Table of Contents clickable links and more . We offer a 'Lite' , 'Standard' and 'PRO' version of PDF-XChange to suit all users needs and budgets. Corporate and Multi-user license packs available. Prices start @$19.95 (US) for the 'Lite' version Single User. 

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