The CDN WinTool allows the fitting of many important Windows settings which would be modifiable, otherwise, only complex about the Registry. Many of these options make your everyday work with the system quicker, lighter, more sure and more individual. The areas covered by the CDN WinTool enclose at the moment Internet Explorer, system control, desktop, data carrier, system information, general system settings and more. The program is also available in a professional edition: the CDN WinTool (professional Edition) is meant for all users who would like to get out even more of her PC, and comfortably settings want to carry out. Beyond it, this tool should also get some addition functions. Beside a Popup tailor (with choice of the suitable window) there is also a file Shredder. The functions of the Home edition are not only taken over, but also are still developed, so that also here a high standard is reached in comfort. You find farther infos and the free download on the accompanying homepage or under: email:


optimize web graphics

optimize registry

Topmost Group Of Windows

optimize network

optimize pc

Windows XP DDK

optimize performance

optimize internet connection

windows customizer

optimize dsl 




CDN WinTool (Home Edition):


Recovers RAM leaks from poorly behaved applications and increases available RAM for applications,Games and the operating system. Optimize windows cache, tweak windows and Reduce cpu heat. Memdefrag has Automatically configuration and easy usage. When using MemDefrag, you will notice that you will have more free memory in your for your programs running under windows. Has anti-crash protection for Windows systems. With MemDefrag you will decrease the heating of your processor, enlonging its lifetime, as well as diminishing energy consumption. You will be able to control the usage of the Cache Memory of your Hard Disk, obtaining in this way a better optimized configuration for the type of program you are used to execute in your computer.Using Memdefrag you´ll have the power to keep you windows running clean and stable. 


PC Integrity Scanner:

Recent statistics show that 91% of all consumer owned computers are infected with spyware. And spyware are not the only thing that can "clog" up your computer. Integrity Scanner will walk you through a set of system locations where spyware could hide so you can visually inspect your system's integrity. Also, many legitimate programs decide that they should start up when windows starts, without ever asking for your permission. This usually creates a situation where you have 25 programs running (all at once) and your computer is so slow it's barely usable. Is this problem familiar? Download Integrity Scanner and see how easy it is to get rid of these problems. -Optimize Windows Startup programs -Detect & remove harmful Browser Helper Objects (BHO) -Detect & remove unwanted Browser Toolbars, Buttons and Plugins -Detect host file redirects and full Network configuration -Delete Files that are currently in use -Interactive file description search 

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