Pure Patience is a card game of patience, or solitaire, as it is called in America. The object of the game is to combine the tiles as a full house. Cards are shuffled and placed on the desk in 4 rows with 13 cards in each. The way you place cards on a desk in a traditional patience card game usually depends on your liking, spirits or whim, but the software will do it for you, and you will only have to do the most interesting thing - to play the game! The starting card is the leftmost card in the uppermost row. It designates the starting suit and rank. This card cannot be relocated during the game. The game is won when the following conditions are met: 1 Each row contains a full suit. There may be only one suit per row. 2 Suits follow each other in the following order: - Clubs - Hearts - Spades - Diamonds The suit designated by the starting card begins the sequence, the way suits succeed each other must be preserved. 3 Ranks in each row are lined up in either ascending or descending order, e.g.: - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - Jack - Queen - King - Ace The rank that ends a row, begins the next row. 4 Ascending and descending orders alternate as follows: - 1st row ascending from left to right - 2nd row descending from left to right - 3rd row ascending from left to right - 4th row descending from left to right Pure Patience is free. No spyware or adware modules are included; it is just a free card game.


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Play the gr8test solitaire game on the planet. Listen to the Star Spangled banner. 12 decks to choose from. The updated version has more custom card deck images. Play the game during your free time. Reminds you what a great country the USA is. We highly recommend this game. Go to the site. This simple game was made in the greatest country in the world.

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