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RankQuest SEO Gadget is an online SEO Resource where SEO made easy. It provides you a smart online SEO experience with quick access to SEO Tools,SEO Tips and SEO DIFF for a specified URL. The SEO based search engine SEOlens is another added advantage. With Google personalised home page, it's possible to add extra content to your home page. Adding Search Engine Optimization resource to your home page will simplify your SEO activities. In "SEO Tips" tab, tip of the day with search engine optimization articles related to the tip is shown. In the "SEO Tools" tab, you get quick access to Server Header Checker, Text Ratio, Web speed report and Broken links. To get access to more tools click on "more>>" link. In the "History" tab, user can access RankQuest SEODIFF which is a free URL tracking service. The difference of the website content compared with the day before is shown in the gadget itself. SEOLens is the dedicated search engine made exclusive for the SEM community. The SEOLens helps users in cutting down their time spent on generic results. The results are from guaranteed source, which is manually reviewed by the RankQuest Team. Add the gadget to your homepage, just enter the URL to be tracked. Experience the smartness of RankQuest SEO Gadget.

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