Why don't you create your new company logo yourself? You can't? Oh yes you can! Absolutely! This free logo pack (yes,FREE) contains 25 design ideas for amazing new Innovative Logos. They can easily be plugged into ITSTH's software "Company Logo Designer"(of which you can also get a free demo). Just install the logo pack. And there are 25 new designtemplates available in the main program. Creating the logo itself is really simple. The Company Logo Designer does all the work! Simply choose the image that you like most. The Company Logo Designer does the rest and creates new logo variations, simliar to your preferred logo! Go, get it!


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Why don't you do the design work for your company logo yourself? Yes, definitly you can! This free logo-pack (yes, it is FREE) contains a whopping 25 design templates for fantastic new Modern Logos. The templates can easily be used in the program Company Logo Designer(of which you can also get a free demo). Just install the logo-pack and you have lots of new templates to choose from as starting points for your personal image. Creating the logo itself is definitly easy, just give it a try. The Company Logo Designer does all the work! All you need to do is choose the shown logo that's the best for your new website or company. The Company Logo Designer main program does the rest! Try it!

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