You no longer have to constantly look at the calendar to plan your transactions; now you can plan them directly on the calendar! Using Rylstim Budget, you can: * Easily follow you current transactions and plan new ones. * Control multiple accounts in different currencies simultaneously. * Receive reports with charts in a format compatible with Microsoft Word. * Create repeating transactions * Quickly and easily receive information about the state of your accounts at any project day. * Protect your data with a password. You will have access not only to 150 different currency exchange rates but to 151 different exchange rates for each day, updated from the Internet. You can add and edit accounts, categories for income and expenses, configure limits for categories and subcategories. Convenient search feature, ability to edit multiple transactions in a single action, customize the calendar appearance, print the calendar as is and many other. And this doesn't require any knowledge of accounting.


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Rylstim Budget:


Stamp ID3 Tag Editor allows you to add or change the internal file information associated with an Mp3 or wav audio file. Software applications such as WavePad Audio Editor and portable music devices such as IPods read and display ID3 tag information and allow you to organize your music by, among other things, genre, artist and year. Just add the files you want to edit to the list, enter the new information, and then click the stamp button. Features ~ Edit or add file information such as genre, title, artist, album, year, track number ~ Add your own comments to a file. ~ Edit both .wav and Mp3 audio file information. ~ Supports multiple file editing. 

Stamp ID3 Tag Editor:


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