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We all deal with many, many organisations and individuals in our daily lives. Yet, do you have a simple to use use application on your PC that lets you record details of what happened (e.g. received a call, paid a bill or had a meeting with), with whom, and when? Can you quickly find this information without searching through multiple text documents? If not, why not - isn't this what a PC is for? HomeSec let's you (or indeed multiple users) store details of what happened, when and which contacts or organisations were involved. If you've been in dispute with your gas company for a year, simply select "Gas Co" from the list of organisations and with one more mouse click, you have a chronological list of all your dealings with them, which you may print, if desired. You can do the same thing for any of your contacts too. The softare also allows you to file a Reminder Message against any contact so that your home screen will alert you when action is required. The software isideal for managing home affairs, any kind of business where notes are held on each meeting with a client, management of committees, recording of sports data, salesman's contacts and maintaining a contact plan etc. Furthermore, any contact can be linked to a number of organisations e.g. your bank manager could also be in your sports team. They will appear in the contact list for each group and can be emailed via each group - the software can generate emails to complete contact lists. If your software limits the number of recipients of a mail, no problem, HomeSec will generate however many mails are necessary to include all the members. You may alos generate address lables for letter writing, using any kind of stationery. When a label is printed or an email is generated, HomeSec creates an event stating who, how and when, leaving you only having to fill in the details of the communication. Your PC really should be able to do this stuff. If not, why not?


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The amount of paper that comes through the average letter box is staggering. Bills for this, statements for that, notice for this, another bill for that. Its an endless bombardment of paper, but where can the average household store all of this and find it when they need it? file@home is the answer! by using file@home with your computer and your scanner (you know, that thing you thought you might use one day but sits around gathering dust) you've got a complete home filing system. Wait, whats that, why do you need file@home? you've got x, y or z on your computer already; Well, file@home's beauty is in it's simplicity (ease of use is top priority for our team of developers) and it's rather smart filing system. Download a free 30 day trial now and join the file@home revolution.






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