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Do you have a bunch of pictures that you need to manually insert to Microsoft Word, but don t feel like doing by hand? Or, do you have a bunch of pictures scattered across your harddrive that you wish you could just easily insert into MS word? Well, there is an easy way! With this software, you can easily: Easily select any number of pictures or images to insert into a new Microsoft Word Document! With a couple clicks of the button, you can select multiple pictures/image files, including recursively searching through directories for files, and then simply click on the insert images into MS Word button! Great if you have to organize images, create collages, create flyers and more! What happens, if for example, you used a digital camera and have a bunch of pictures you want inserted into word? If you did it by hand, it would probably take at least 5-10 minutes to do manually (for only a FEW pictures), and be exceptionally boring, whereas with this software it would be done in seconds for you, and you can focus on the more important things, such as getting your project done! It s quick and easy, saving you time! Why would you want to manually search through your harddrive, and one by one, cut and paste images into Microsoft Word, when you can do it easily, with this software, all at once in seconds? Download this software now, and learn how you can start easily inserremoving the headers/footers from those MS word documents! Try the software now! 

MS Word Insert Images and Pictures all at once:


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