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Winwash A.S.C V4 : Protect your privacy and keep your system clean with ASC ! Using A.S.C, you can remove popup windows, clear history, control window properties of your browser, and more. Features of © A.S.C.: - Quickly clear internet URL history - Clear Internet Explorer history - Clear Internet Explorer Cache (and Custom wash items) - Clear typed URL - Clear URL Registry Keys - Clear Windows Run history - Clear Recent File Searches - Clear AutoComplete History - Clear Temp File - Clear Windows Recent Document List - Modify Start Page - Modify Start Directory & Download directory - Clear recent document list of MediaPlayer, PSP, Winzip, Imaging, DreamWeaver ... - Clear recent document list of Winrar,WinAce. - Clear recent document list of Emule, Kazaa, Morpheus, Shareaza - Clear recent document list of google Toolbar - Clear recent document list of modzilla FireFox - Clear recent document list of office 2000,2003, XP - Clear recent document list of PhotoShop 7, acrobat reader - Clear Open/save dialog box History - Clear clipboard etc ...


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Free Internet Explorer History Cleaner automatically clears your Internet Explorer History. Internet Explorer keeps track of everywhere you go on the Internet. The Free Internet Explorer History Cleaner erases Internet Explorer history files. 100% Freeware. No Adware or spyware.

Winwash A.S.C:

Free Internet Explorer History Cleaner: Internet Explorer Cleaner.msi


Spectro Frequency Analyzer software provides you with the ability to perform real-time FFT measurements using your PC or laptop sound card. The program computes the averaged auto power spectrum of the time signal recorded by a microphone, connected to the sound card. RMS or peak hold analysis can be performed with linear or exponential averaging, applying the most popular window functions; and FFT amplitudes can be A, B and C-weighted. Time History and Frequency Spectrum results are presented in graphical format with cursor tools for precision amplitude analysis. Results can be saved in a text file and imported into a spreadsheet program for additional analysis and presentation. The Sampling Rate is 44.1 kHz and the software is 16 Bit supported. The software is compatible with Windows 2000/Windows XP. 

Spectro Frequency Analyzer:

Spectro Signal Generator:

Spectro Signal Generator software provides you with the ability to generate a variety of static and sweep signals using your PC sound card. The signals that can be generated includes: sine, triangle, square, sawtooth and white noise. Amplitude and offset can also be adjusted. A linear, exponential or logarithmic sweep signal can be specified within a specific frequency range and time duration. The sweep frequency can be adjusted to increase or decrease in frequency. The time history and frequency spectrum of the generated signal is displayed in real-time in graphical format. Sweep information in terms of time vs. frequency is also displayed in real-time. The program supports 16 Bit Rate and a sampling rates of 44.1 kHz.The software is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP. 

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