Chrysanth Email Notifier is a POP3, IMAP4 and Gmail notification software that helps you to get notified of every incoming email and even spams in your mail boxes while they are still sitting on the remote email servers. Running in the background and minimized into a tray icon, Chrysanth Email Notifier will play a "You've got mail" sound whenever there are friendly emails that arrive at your email accounts. Meanwhile, you may also configure Chrysanth Email Notifier to alert you with "You've got spam" sound whenever spams or junk emails are detected. Chrysanth Email Notifier also has a number of other handy features including an internal email viewer. This lets you read emails before you can see them in your regular email client. Among its features are support for multiple email accounts, support for SSL connection, support for "whitelists", "blacklists" and custom filters. The filters are very easy-to-use and can be defined by you very quickly. Chrysanth Email Notifier is intuitive and easy-to-use and features a Startup Wizard to help new user. You can set it up quickly and be working with it in a very short time.


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