Computer Lock Up utility enables to lock computer access quickly as well as efficiently by means of password protection at the time the user is absent. At the moment when computer is locked up all hot keys and the mouse are switched off and the locking screen is showed. The transparent locking is also possible, during which the current screen stays unchanged. The computer locking can be initiated by different ways, such as pressing the special hot key or double-clicking the program icon. Also it's possible to lock up the computer at Windows startup or when the program is launched. The program also maintains the hidden mode in which the fact that the program has been launched is concealed. The unique technology of key spy protection makes password capturing absolutely impossible at the time when the password is entered.


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Toddler Slides is a simple program to display images, and play sounds. The program is oriented for toddlers. Hit the keyboard and various pictures will appear with accompanying sounds and text. In addition to a set of sample sounds and images that come with the program, toddler slides can also play sounds and images from user-defined folders. For security, the program also includes the option to disable system key combinations and shortcuts.

Computer Lock Up:

Toddler Slides:


Fast, powerful and easy multimedia player. Player features: * Very quick and easy-to-use * Drag-n-drop from Explorer * DivX, DVD and MP3 support * Screenshot creation ability * Codec detection * Windowed and full screen * Multilingual interface * Multimedia keyboard support * Playback speed control * Opens broken AVI files * Zoom, aspect ratio control * Brightness, contrast * Reads MP3 tags * Detailed file information * Customize keys and mouse * Subtitles and OSD * Internal and external playlist 

Light Alloy:


slimKEYS is a universal hotkey manager with a plug-in system that lets you perform an infinite number of actions simply by pressing system-wide hotkeys. It already comes with multiple built-in plug-ins: slimLAUNCH lets you open applications, documents or folders, or search for password entries stored securely, or open your posts simply by typing a few letters of their name or by directly assigning them specific hotkeys. slimSIZE lets you resize or move windows to any monitor and location just by pressing a hotkey. slimSEARCH helps you search on popular search engines, or any other Web site of your choice. slimVOLUME changes and displays the current volume level every time you use your multimedia keyboard controls, or any other hotkey you wish. slimSMOKE dims out your whole desktop except the active application, so it's easier to see which application has the focus, and concentrate on the window that needs your attention. slimGRAB lets you capture an image of any screen, top-level or child window or any area, by browsing target areas with keys or drawing a rectangle. slimZOOM can zoom in on any portion of your screens, and display the result in a window, on a single monitor, or on your whole display. You can move the zoomed area around, draw on the screen, work with a snapshot or in live mode, and more. slimPASTE allows you to strip any formatting out of text you paste. 

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