Prevent your kids, students, co-workers from using your computers at off hours. Access Boss is a great easy-to-use tool that enables you to effectively restrict access to a local or remote PC for certain users based on time factors. This program lets you set hours when access to the computer is denied (for each user, for each day of the week, with 15-minute interval) and set a maximum duration of working time (for each user, for each day of the week, with 1-minute precision). When the user's time is up, Access Boss will log the user off automatically. Access Boss features an extensive set of security options, including password protected program access, remote computer management, registry data protection, system time changing limitations, and set of shell security options that can help you to create a limited working environment. Download a FREE trial now!


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Ez Internet Timer is a versatile and easy-to-use internet filtering software that provides you control, schedule and filter Internet activity on your or your children PC. It will automatically block Internet browsers, e-mails, Ftps or messengers and keep them blocked for as long as you schedule it. Ez Internet Timer has password protection and allows creating multiple schedules for each PC user. You can set your custom notification message to let the user know that the internet is going to be disconnected. If you wish control over the usage of Internet at your home or work place, Ez Internet Timer is perfect tool! It is also ideal software for Internet cafes, libraries or small businesses. MAIN FEATURES: • Schedule when to stop all on-line activity or use predefined Internet filters: • Block Web Browsing, file downloads using Ftp, access to Email or Messengers • 6 Independant Timers to control Web Surfing, Messenging, Emailing, Internet usage and more • Separate schedule for each day of the week • Separate schedule for each PC user • Precise Internet Shutdown / Internet ON time • Program maximum allowed Internet time per day • Free household license (up to 3 PCs per house) • Protects from changing PC system time • Protected from unauthorized stopping • Ez Internet Timer is password protected • Custom Internet shutdown message • Instant Contact With Support using Chat System • Vista compatible (32-bit or 64-bit) 

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