Live support software from Live Support Inc. can take your website to the next level of sales generation and customer service by adding live chat to your website. It lets you both monitor and record website activity and the surfing habits of your customers. Our live chat software is browser-enabled; it integrates seamlessly with your existing website within minutes. You can proactively extend chat invitations to your site visitors. Quickly direct them to the information they seek or announce a sales promotion. Live2Support’s fully customizable visitor interface provides your site visitors and customers with an enriched user experience. Our live help solution delivers top-rated customer support to your customers thanks to a full range of feature-rich attributes. These include serving up URLs, proactive chat, push page technology, predefined responses and the recording of chat sessions. Your chat operators can now transfer chat sessions to other operators in real time with no interruption. Our live chat solution will skyrocket your sales to new heights and help you provide top-rated customer service. Live2Support enables you to monitor site visitors by providing critical data such as their geographical location, IP address, referrer data and the time of their visit. Monitor chat requests on your website 24X7 from anywhere in the world. Our live chat program is extremely easy to use. You can be up and running within ten minutes once you embed the html snippet on your web pages. You will never have to download a package or install patches and updates. An alternate web-based interface is also available. We provide you with top-notch customer support and instant updates. Join thousands of highly satisfied customers and strategically position your customer service effort. Sign up for a fifteen-day no-risk free trial and begin receiving the benefits of our live chat solution. Live2Support is yours for as low as $8.99 per month. Your Satisfaction guaranteed!


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Our free SharePoint Feature Explorer application is a handy little tool for any SharePoint developer. Trying to manage Features on a SharePoint server can be a nightmare at the best of times. As a developer, you don’t want to get bogged down using stsadm and trying to figure out which Features are activated or not! Our tool was designed by developers for developers to help you save time and effort! Optimize your development efforts with out free Feature and Solution explorer for Sharepoint. No more stsadm!! Included Features Straight out of the box, our free SharePoint Feature Explorer Application lets you.. # Explorer SharePoint sites and webs # Manage features for your SharePoint Farm, Sites and Webs # Activate and Deactivate features at the click of a button # Deactivate multiple features with ease # View the Solution ID for any Feature Definition # View all the properties of SharePoint Farms, Sites and Webs # View Feature Activation dependencies at the click of a button # Install and uninstall Features without using stsadm command line tool # Includes lite GUI for stsadm # Open feature folders and definition files at the click of a button # Powerful search feature helps you find Features by Name or Guid across your whole SharePoint server # Copy and paste any information using standard Windows Context Menus including Feature Guid, Feature Name etc. # View information for every installed Farm feature including Guid, Name, Status, Scope, Location 

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