ADA Concentration needs you match up all the hidden image as efficiently as possible. Click on a puzzle square to uncover the image under it. Click on another piece to uncover a second image. If the uncovered images match, the two pieces will be removed from the memory match grid. Restart will begin a new game. Test your memory ability in this matching game of concentration. features: The game contains a numbers of pictures to test one's logical judgement ability. Animated Background, 3D music sound let you cannot help playing. The stages including: Chinesezodiac,Horoscope, Cute big head dog, Food and Drink, My small fish, Atomizer, The prince of tennies. Boss key:click space key can stop and minimize the game.


card matching game

Mah-Jomino game

Data icons

beat matching

insufficient memory

memory access speed





ADA concentration:


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