CalibrationAider helps realize the full potential of your CRT or LCD computer monitor. Use CalibrationAider to create a consistant, reproduceable viewing environment with an optimal viewing angle, screen resolution, and maximized range of colors. CalibrationAider displays built-in test-patterns and allows you to import your own images. CalibrationAider includes a complete user guide and tutorial that describes how to use test-patterns to calibrate your LCD or CRT monitor and introduces concepts important to digital image processing and color management in general. CalibrationAider is ideal for digital photographers who need to set up a color-managed workflow, or home users who want to display digital photos to best effect. It may also be useful to carry a copy on CalibrationAider on a USB Flashdrive so it is at hand to test that expensive new LCD Monitor before purchase!


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CalibrationAider (For Mac):

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CalMAN™ is color calibration software for high definition televisions and other video displays, using the major display calibration standards recognized through the world. CalMAN has the powerful features needed by professional calibrators, but also easy-to-use wizards that walk first-time calibrators through the process of making an HDTV display accurate color. Offering the widest hardware support in the industry, CalMAN works with almost any meter (including tri-stimulus colorimeters and spectrometers) and almost any test pattern source, including DVDs, video processors, and software generators. SpectraCal, makers of CalMAN, also provide their own free video test pattern source, HTPC. Measurement automation in CalMAN goes far beyond what has been previously available, integrating with most third-party software and hardware. CalMAN includes the ability to control directly the test patterns in popular video processors. Entire calibration runs can be automated, often taking a complete set of grayscale measurements in well under two minutes. CalMAN’s Calibration Optimization and Reporting Environment (CORE) engine uses 64-bit double-precision floating point math for unmatched calculation accuracy. The CORE engine includes advanced matrix operations and statistical techniques so that CalMAN users do not suffer from errors and inaccuracies caused by unnecessary rounding of critical input variables or by the use of inappropriate or inefficient estimation models. CalMAN also provides four selectable formulas for computing gamma targets, as well as the ability to tweak the gamma coefficient itself. This gives users the ability to create luminance targets that take into account the realities of users’ viewing environments. In addition to offering a wide array of built-in charts, graphs, reports, and data display formats, CalMAN also allows extremely flexible customization. Using CalMAN’s Design Mode, you can create the information layout you want. 


CalMAN HTPC Pattern Generator:

CalMAN™ HTPC Pattern Generator from SpectraCal, LLC is a free software application that allows you to generate video test patterns from your PC, to assist in calibrating any display: home theater, HDTV, television, projector, LCD, or computer monitor. CalMAN HTPC offers the widest available collection of video test patterns, including a complete selection of brightness, contrast, Pluge, Hi/Lo, ANSI, Grayscale, SMTPE Bars, Ramps, Decoders, Square Waves, and Sine Waves, allowing you to control select frequencies, colors, and video levels. CalMAN HTPC will serve patterns windowed or full-screen, and it contains a built-in TCP/IP interface allowing remote PCs to control and automate its operations. Using SpectraCal's display calibration application CalMAN in conjunction with HTPC, measurement automation in CalMAN goes far beyond what has been previously available. Entire calibration runs can be automated, often taking a complete set of grayscale measurements, for example, in well under two minutes, with the push of a single button. HTPC will also serve as a standalone application or integrate with other packages. Using Microsoft's Direct/X interface, CalMAN HTPC does not depend on stored patterns, but generates each pattern on the fly, allowing it to offer impressive response time and rugged reliability. With a feature set far ahead of any other software currently available, and a price tag of free, CalMAN HTPC is an essential component in the toolbox of any professional video calibrator. But with its simple user interface, it is also inviting to those just venturing into display calibration for the first time. More information is available at 

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