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Acala 3GP Movies Free is a professional movie program for converting avi, divx, xvid, mpeg, vob, ect most of internet movies suit to mobile phone and turn mobile phone into a portable movies centre, it design for anyone who wants to enjoy the most pop movies from internet on mobile phone. With Acala 3GP Movies Free, you are able to convert all favorite movies onto your mobile phone and watch them wherever and whenever you want. is it cool? yes! portable digial entertainment ages is coming! Acala 3GP Movies Free is able to convert divx, xvid, avi, mpg, mpeg, vob, vcd, svcd to mobile phone 3gp movie files, with fast speed and hight quality. It is a one-click solution program. You don't need to know any 3gp movie knowledge base. Its preview and edit function make you edit the video easily! Key Features: 1) World classic converting speed and quality, 10 mins to finish converting 2 hours movie to 3gp movies. 2) Support Set the start position and end position of source file to convert.( cut movie clip to convert ). 3) Support almost popular video files (DIVX, XVID, AVI, MPG, MPEG,VOB,VCD,SVCD,etc.) 4) Support Batch files conversion. 5) Best quality: the support for the latest industry standards ensures the videos you create with best picture and audio quality. 6) User-friendly interface : one click settings solution, need not any basic knowledge. 7) Preview display: you can playback the video clip in preview window. 8) Split the output movie file size to suit to mobile phone memory stick.


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Easy Video Converter is a small and effective solution for video file converting. It supports: AVI to MPEG1, MPEG2, DVD, VCD, and SVCD; and all media formats to DivX(MPEG4) and AVI, even your digital photos. PAL to NTSC conversion and vice versa are also included. support streaming media (WMV/ASF). We support many different video converting type, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD, DivX (MPEG-4), ASF are supported in different levels, even still image list are supported. Software Features: 1. AVI to MPEG-1 2. AVI to Standard MPEG-2 3. AVI to VCD (MPEG-1 VCD extensions) 4. AVI to SVCD (MPEG-2 Super Video CD extensions) 5. AVI to DVD (MPEG-2 with DVD extensions) 6. MPEG1,MPEG2,AVI to Divx(MPEG4) 7. AVI to AVI (different codec) 8. WMV/ASF to AVI, DivX 9. WMV/ASF to MPEG-1, MPEG2, VCD/SVCD/DVD 10. Pictures to AVI (You can then convert to MPEG) 11. Convert AVI,MPEG file to JPEG file list 12. Fast MPEG encoder/decoder, capability of handlering large MPEG files 13. Split video audio to different files 14. Split target files to specified size to fit CD/DVD capacity 15. AVI to WMV/ASF 

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