Do you need to hide windows or complete applications from the sight of others? To surf through the internet without anyone seeing the contents of the sites you have access to? To keep a conversation using a messenger or enter the number of your bank account with total privacy? Warning! The Boss! will kept you preserve your privacy hiding windows, applications and the icons in the systray and mute the sound of your PC. You will be able to hide entirely applications and windows, one by one, by class or by title or all very easily. Control the visibility by hotkeys that will give you total control of each window, hiding and showing them according to your needs. You will be able to modify the hotkeys according to your needs. Moreover, you will be able to hide icons in the systray and silence your PC when you want even if you are not hiding windows. Organize the desktop windows either in cascade or tile. You can try the fully version of Warning! The Boss! for 30 days FOR FREE


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How to turn off computer sounds in a graceful way? For those people who don't like to left music playing and lock PC disturbing colleagues with annoying sounds from headphones we've developed our new program. Set up your own rules of turning off speakers/headphones or do it with a hotkey! Automuter is an application that stays in system tray notification area (near windows clock). It can mute speakers when computer is locked, when screensaver is running. Alternatively, you can set up you own silent time schedule or mute by hotkey.

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Credit Card Debt Help:


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