NetCrunch 5 offers agentless policy-based availability monitoring of Windows using WMI, Linux using SSH, NetWare and SNMP devices in one package. It centralizes fault management, collecting, alerting and delivering performance reports on events from SNMP sources, Windows Event Logs and syslog servers. Program contains over 65 built-in Network Service monitors and user experience monitors for services like DNS, FTP, POP3, SMTP and HTTP/HTTPS. Automatic network mapping. Licensed per monitoring station.


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Do you use your computer in different networks or locations? Easy Net Switch enables you to automatically select correct network settings (IP address, Gateway, DNS, WINS, WiFi, MAC address), proxys, drive mappings, printers, SMTP and much more with a single click. It's not only an IP switcher, but also a handy tool that helps you to connect the computer to different networks more easier! Easy Net Switch is a powerful and easy to use program which stores network and Internet configuration settings into network location profiles. By switching between net profiles, you can quickly and easily connect to a network without having to manually reconfigure settings or restart the computer each time. The advantages of Easy Net Switch compare with others: 1) Lightweight, efficiency and stable, 2) Flexible and easy to use, 3)Show IP address on the desktop wallpaper, 4) Useful build in network tools, such as traceroute and ping, 5) Auto import network settings, 6) Intelligent profile export and import wizard. 

Easy Net Switch:


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