SIM card SMS recovery software can retrieve 20 digits cell phone SIM card’s Integrated Circuit Card-ID number, International Mobile Subscriber Identity number and network service provider information with name and location. Cell phones SIM card deleted contacts retrieval program is designed to recover unintentionally erased text messages (SMS) with sent and received date and time of message. SIM card data salvage tool restore lost contact numbers, text messages from inbox, outbox, draft, sent items and other information from all 2G, 3G GSM technology based SIM card. SIM card deleted sms rescue application can retrieve information from all national and international mobile SIM cards of any network. SIM card lost contact recovery software prints the report of recovered information along with data and time. SIM card phonebook recovery utility supports retrieval of data when number is in subscription status or not. Software also provides Subscriber Identity Module card service provider name (SPM) and service dialing numbers (SDN). Data Doctor SIM card recovery tool supports Phoenix type USB SIM card reader or PC/SC standards based SIM card reader. SIM card data undelete tool provides Graphical User Interface and SIMple help manual to easily recover lost data from SIM card. Features: * SIM card deleted contact recovery software supports all windows based operating system including 2003 server and Vista. * Performance based SIM card recovery tool also restores SIM card SMS messages and contact numbers that are not readable by your mobile phone. * Secure SIM card phonebook retrieval program supports USB SIM card reader of any manufactures. * SIM card data recovery application supports all national or international mobile network SIM card.


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Freeware Unlocking of SIM card is an advanced program combined with simple and full proof algorithms that helps to retrieve text messages, purposely or accidently deleted data from SIM card or SMS not in readable format and many more. Small postage sized instrument chip set piece is the brain of the mobile phones which stores data information which may reveal clues as well as other data of the user activities. GSM SIM card forensic tool targets mobile operators, content providers, detectives and legal officers, developers, reverse engineers and others who need flexible access to the structure of a SIM card. SIM card data recovery software restore accidently deleted contact name with numbers, recover corrupted text SMS, SIM ICC ID and IMSI number. For extracting data you will require USB sim card reader (any PC/SC Standards or Phoenix Standards based) to use our software to successfully recover data (contact numbers and text SMS) from the sim card of your mobile phone. Software efficiently supports Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Vista operating system. Features: * Utility provides full backup facility for your cell phone SIM card memory. * Recovers all lost deleted text messages and phone book contact numbers stored in Sim card of the mobile cell phones. * User can view the ICC identification number printed on the sim card. * Retrieves all corrupted, deleted data message within minute, reads all last dialed number. * Easy secure and safe interactive graphical GUI interface helps user for using SMS recovery software. * Read GSM SIM card of any network situated at any country location.

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When your website goes down then this site performance alert tool sends an email notification to inform you about the errors which are decreasing your website performance. By knowing these error you can make your website error-free and responsive. Software has other alert methods like beeping a sound or executing a specific program. Website monitoring application reports all type of website errors such as page cannot be displayed, page not found, server not found, host not found, low network connection, low bandwidth and network connection get failed. This utility can track website uptime, downtime performance, its current status, ping status and online or offline status. Site checker provides an option to switch from normal monitoring view to advance monitoring view. If your website works slowly or goes down your visitors and customers can go elsewhere, real time tracking tool helps you to regularly view the functioning of your website and in this way it helps in business growth. Software is compatible with all windows-based operating systems like windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, 2003 server, XP (Home, Professional and Media center) and windows vista. Features: *Tool supports all types of internet services including HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP and FTP protocols. *Website monitoring utility allows you to monitor a number of sites at a time. *Software also checks host and server availability for your site. *Utility provides quick and easy solution to check website uptime, downtime or ping status. * Website tracker utility is also useful in enhancing your E-Business transactions. 

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Download free trial software for the tracking of HTTP (Hyper text transfer protocol), HTTPS (Hyper text transfer protocol secure), SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol), POP3 (Post office protocol) and FTP (File transfer protocol) internet services protocols. Website real time tracker software instantly notify you (when your website goes down) via email, sound an alarm or runs specific program. Performance checker tool monitors the uptime downtime status of your websites and web based application. Website uptime downtime tracker utility regularly monitors your web pages, web host and network performance. Websites curremt time checking tool alerts you (when displays error massages like host not found, server not found, connection failed, low bandwidth, low connectivity network status etc) with an email or beeps a sound. Website monitoring utility runs at background in hidden mode to keep view to all internet websites and makes a record of it. Website monitoring tool is an inexpensive and time saving utility to make internet surfing more reliable and easy as it already inform the user about websites current status. Features: * Website monitoring tool regularly monitor websites uptime downtime performance. * Monitoring tool informs the user about those sites which load improperly, not accessible, or responds excessively slow. * Website monitoring tool is compatible to all windows based operating system including windows 98, ME, NT, 2003 server, 2000, XP and windows vista (vista starter, vista home basic, vista home premium, vista business, vista enterprise, vista ultimate). 

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