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Create a unique search tool based on JavaScript for your website to make it more usable. You don't need any server-side scripts to use it. The program can index HTML, PHP, ASP, RTF, DOC, PDF and text files. You can control the page ranking: more relevant pages will appear first. Page inclusions enable you to add menu bar, company logo, java scripts, meta-tags etc. to generate attractive customized result pages. The program allows you to edit search phrases before generating the Search Engine. Our Search Engine works in all browsers. All upgrades are FREE to registered users for life. You can always get the newest version of this tool. Technical support is FREE to all our customers.

Cronc Search Expert:


Using Reverse Phone Lookup Search you can do a reverse cell phone number search and gain information about any US or Canada cell phone number. Information you can find includes full name, current address, previous address history and names and addresses of relatives. 

Reverse Phone Lookup Search:

Reverse Phone Number Directory:

By Reverse Phone Number Directory Find out information such as name, address, line details, and carrier information for people just from their phone number. This is best described as a search engine for reverse phone information, providing you with quality and informative info. You can perform as many lookup searches as you like. 

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