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Pac Venture - Pac's Oddysee is not just a game, it's a quest unlike any other. The beautiful Ms-Pac Man has been kidnapped by the Ghost King and taken to his far away castle. It's your job to save her.


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This is a variation on the game Pacman. You need to guide Pac-Man around a maze and eat all of the dots on the board in order to procede on to the next round. Numerous, multi-colored ghosts also roam the maze trying to stop you. If you eat one of the power pellets in the maze, the ghosts will temporarily turn blue and run from you. Pac-man can earn bonus points by eating the ghosts when they are in this state. The maze is now in 3-D and is larger than screen which will scroll to follow the action. To help get out of tight spots, Pac-Man now has the ability to jump. But be careful, because some of the ghosts have learned this trick as well and you could end up in a mid air collision! The game features nice, colorful graphics done in a nice 3-D fashion. The blocks in Block Town are nice and look just like Legos. Pac-Man actually has eyes and the ghosts are also nicely done. Anyway, the graphics are just what you'd want them to be: great, but not overly flashy.

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Now I'm no Zen master or Buddhist monk when it comes to relaxing. But there are some things I do before giving a speech that help me to relax.  It’s just like back at High school when you have to speak in front of the class, the teacher gives tips on how to relax, saying things like “Just imagine everyone is sitting on a toilet.” I’m not for a minute that you think like that, you’re mind should be on the task at hand, not worrying about what the audience says or thinks, it’s a matter of centering your attention and concentrating on your most desired outcome first, then the rest will follow. This technique is called “Visualisation” and is the only way to prepare yourself mentally for the task you’re about to embark on. 



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