Peachtree Password Recovery is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords for Peachtree Accounting company files. All passwords are recovered instantly regardless of length. Multilingual passwords are supported.


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Internet Explorer Passwords Recovery:

How to recover lost or forgotten internet explorer passwords? Don't worry! Comcast email password recovery software is secure and non-destructive utility by which you can recover all types of multiple account passwords which you ever entered on your PC. AOL password recovery software supports all major version of internet explorer including IE 7.0 and provides easy way to show all misplaced password instantly from hotmail account. Dial up password recovery software breaks hotmail password by which you can easily get back your personal masked asterisks (*****) password in few seconds and provide multilingual password recovery support. Forgotten password unmasks tool recover encrypted IE saved password list and restore to user specified area for future reference. BT Yahoo email password revealer program is capable to retrieve or unmask internet explorer saved password including FTP passwords, IE auto form, auto complete fields and auto complete passwords. Yahoo password breaker utility completely restore lost or missing internet explorer password for e-mails, online shopping, magazine subscription, chat account, web forms and much more. Advance password recovery tool recover all lost or forgotten passwords of created e-mail accounts and news group accounts on internet explorer. Features: * Advance password recovery software unmask user login ID asterisk (****) character password of various websites such as Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff mail, Hotmail, Orkut, India times, MSN etc. * Gmail password revealer software is easy to use with user friendly Graphical User Interface. * AOL email password recovery tool is read-only utility that does not affect the performance of your computer. * No technical knowledge is required to operate the IE password revealer software. * Asterisk password recovery tool supports all versions of windows platform like Win 98, ME, NT, Server 2003, XP and Vista operating system. 

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