This catalog software gives you the ability to create electronic catalogs CD, Web, or Print page. The software is designed to important pictures; all you will need to do is enter the prices, descriptions, and other information for each item that will be added to your CD catalog. The product creates and auto-launch CD that can be distributed to your buyers as a marketing tool. This innovative solution has the added benefit of allowing you to create CD archives of any computerized files for future reference. All files within computer or network can be categorized using the Personal Archive Creator (tm) (PAC). Each file within the PAC can be equip with an optional description and keyword for easy referencing and quick search. An Image/Backup copy of the PAC file list can be burn onto a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM will than contain the a viewer specifically to view the PAC file list. This CD-ROM is referred to as the Client's CD. In addition, the Client's CD can contain promotions and references to your business. The promotions can will take the forms of multimedia presentations (Video and/or audio), a full screen company logo, your contact information, business cards, and link to your companies web site. The Client's CD can than becomes a valuable marketing and advertising tool. Once the CD is created, your client will simply insert the CD into his/her computer. Then the Personal Archive Viewer (tm) (PAV) will launch and display archived documents contained on the CD. Your clients will also have the option of viewing your customized multimedia presentation contained on the CD or browsing your web site directly from the Personal Archive Viewer (PAV).


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CatalogVX 2007:


X2Net PrintStore has one simple task, to save you needing to print out and keep items from your computer. Download it now and try it! Bank statements, online shopping receipts and all sorts of other items implore us to "print me out and keep me safe". Keeping pieces of paper safe and organized is easier said than done though. Often you only need to keep the paperwork for a few days, until an item is delivered or a flight has been taken, there is often no long term storage need at all. Instead of printing anything out at all, just print it to the X2Net PrintStore Virtual Printer and it will be captured and stored safely on your hard drive instead. If at a later date you really need to print it you can do. Or you can just store it forever in X2Net PrintStore. Or if its usefulness has passed you can just delete it. Simple, effective and no wasting of paper or ink! You can use X2Net PrintStore on all your computers, and transfer information around between them. How often have you been using your laptop and not had a printer connected? No problem, print it to the X2Net PrintStore Virtual Printer, then print it out for real later if you need to, or transfer it to your main computer for safe keeping. Give it a try now, download and install it and see how useful it can be. It comes complete with an uninstaller so you can easily remove it if you decide it isn't suitable. 

X2Net PrintStore:


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