WinCleaner Memory Optimizer will clean, optimize and free up your computer's memory. Specifically designed to free ram on XP systems. Memory is vital to the computer and that is why this software can help boost your system's performance. WinCleaner Memory Optimizer is set-and-forget software that will automatically optimize memory as you use your computer. It works and its Free - Get it Now.


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CD-Door Guard is utility designed to prevent crash of your computer's CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive. CD-Door Guard provides effective protection for such kind of devices and helps you to save money. How? You won't pay for a new DVD drive if your old one is working correctly. CD-Door Guard closes the drive's door when you forget to do it, helps you to lock the drive and prevent your small children from playing with it, locks your laptop's drive when the computer goes to sleep mode. Features of CD-DOOR GUARD: Closes CD/DVD drive's door when you forget to do it. Works on computers with many CD/DVD devices and allows to have different settings for each drive. Works with any kind of devices: CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD. Helps to lock CD/DVD drive's door. This helps to protect it from children and casual pressures. Unlocks the drive's door automatically when you open or close it automatically with help of CD-Door Guard. Helps to lock the drive when Windows starts. You won't forget to protect CD/DVD drive from crash! Locks CD/DVD drive when computer goes to sleep mode. This helps to protect your laptop's CD/DVD drive from ejecting its door unexpectedly. Unlocks CD/DVD drive when computer wakes up. Reminds about forgotten disk inside the drive when computer shuts down or goes to sleep mode. Not only shows messages, but can also beep when you lock or unlock the drive or forget disk inside it. Helps you to open CD/DVD drive's door with hot keys or CD-Door Guard's icon in system tray. Supports different languages for interface.

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