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Proforma is a powerful content management system and form creator for CRELoaded developers and website owners. It extends and improves upon the existing content management functionality of CRELoaded shopping carts. Proforma provides unprecedented flexibility in the creation, positioning and display of your content units and forms, as well as allowing one-click access to your existing product descriptions, newsletters and product notifications. Proforma's key features include: * Flexible Content Listing - List your custom content, product descriptions, newsletters and product notifications in several different ways for simple one-click access to editing. This saves time spent navigating around the default CRELoaded catalog to find your products. * Custom Content Creation - Create your own content and link it to a custom position anywhere in your store. Unlimited content units can be applied to any position, and unlimited positions can be applied to any web page. * Position Management - Create custom positions to be placed in any of your web pages. Once deployed, any content unit can appear in that position. * Group Management - Create groups for your content units, making them easier to find and manage. * Form Management - A feedback form which can be assigned to any custom position is included in the package as a useable example of form-building. Users with programming skills can add processing code to automatically generated PHP header templates which can then be pasted into the form's target page. * State-of-the-Art Editing - Edit your content unit using the world's most popular and feature-rich internet text editor. 

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