LinkedCells lets you share your Excel data with friends and colleagues and you don't need to be on a shared network to do it. If you have ever tried sharing Excel spreadsheets with other people, you have probably spent a lot of time e-mailing spreadsheets back and forth, trying to keep spreadsheets up-to-date. Often, you end up with out-of-date data or you need to spend time reviewing spreadsheets manually and then merging multiple spreadsheets.LinkedCells has several key benefits: LinkedCells makes sure you have up-to-date information. Your friends or colleagues can use your data in their spreadsheets. Or they can share data with you, and you can use that data directly in Excel. As soon as the data is updated, it's available to all your contacts; LinkedCells works from inside Excel. You share your data from inside Excel, no need to move all your data to a different application; LinkedCells is easy to use. It only takes one click to update the data you have shared, or to get the latest data that you are subscribed to.


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If you want to know how to split excel cells into multiple cells/multiple rows or multiple columsn, then you should try this software! With this software, you can easily select a group of cells to divide and then divide them! With this software: * Select a block/range of excel cells * Select the target location for the cells * Split excel data by certain characteristics (i.e., split excel cells by phrases, split by special delimiters (i.e., tabs, commas, etc), and more! * Use it to break up sets of names, sets of financial data, unformatted text, and more! * And finally, it simply makes it easier to manage large sets of data! 

Excel Split Cells Function to break apart and divide into multiple rows or multiple columns Software:


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