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Network UTilities Set - For network administrators. This is a package including most of my programs for network administrators, in a single download with fast and simple installation The package includes the following utilities: * ALO - Automatic log on to NT4/2000 * BALM - Blocked Attachments List Manager, for Outlook Express 6 email security. * GetMem - A very simple tool to assist in diagnosing virtual memory problems in Win9x/NT/2000 by simulating a memory intensive application. * KIT - Keep In Touch. PING to a list of hosts, and send email if one goes down. * M - Mirror (replicate) files over the network for backing up important data. * MAILIT - Send email (SMTP) from a batch file. * NetRun - Schedule actions and push installs to clients from the login script. * NewUser - A sample VB script for Win2000 server to quickly add new users. * NOSCRIPT.ADM - A custom Poledit template, for disabling VBS and other script files from running on your clients computers. * Permiter - Set NTFS permissions in NT4 for specific user/group without affecting other. * RegToADM - Create custom ADM (poledit templates) from a REG file. * TestFile - Test "baseline" network performance in file save operations, without the need to set up a "responder" on the other side. 


Memory Zipper Plus:

You may or may not be an avid user of computer but you do encounter the problem of frequent shutdowns and computer crashes. You couldn’t leave your computer unattended. Here is the solution! Memory Zipper Plus optimizes memory management and the performance of your system operating on Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, 2003 and XP. It is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Windows utility that is designed to tackle the most difficult and crucial problems of memory management. It assists in recovering unused memory and lets you to adjust your computer speed. The in-built Data Safe Technology ensures complete reliability and safety of data. It comes with CPU Cooler to save power, this will cool the CPU in idle time. In addition to that, if you want to optimize system memory, improve core kernel performance or manage other performance tweaks, Memory Zipper Plus’s integrated suite of functions can get your system running at peak performance levels. FEATURES: o Designed to tackle the most difficult and crucial problems of memory management. o Recovers unused memory, lets you adjust your computer speed and keeps your computer optimized. o Real Time Memory Statistics on available and consumed memory, and CPU usage. o Lets you monitor the running processes and set proprieties to the current or new process. o Built in Data Safe Technology for safety, reliability and speed. o Increases your computer speed by 400%. o Built in CPU cooler to save power. o Prevents your computer from crashing frequently. o Recovers memory leaks from poorly behaved applications. o Runs as a system service in the background. 

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