Rank Tracker is perhaps the fastest and most accurate rank checking tool with a powerful keyword research module. The tool lets you keep an eye on your site's position in the search engines and run comprehensive keyword research. Let's take a glance at some of Rank Tracker's most important functions. 1. Search engine rank monitoring Rank Tracker lets you easily check where your website ranks for all your keywords in almost any search engine s. - Over 501 search engines including regional and local search versions - No keyword - No domain limits - Support of search engines' API keys - Advanced rank history and ranking graphs - Customizable rankings reports Unlike other SEO tools Rank Tracker is 100% search engine friendly. The software fully supports search engine API keys that allow you to safely make automated quieries. Moreover Rank Tracker has advanced search engine safety features that enable the software to emulate human searchers behaviour and let you work from behind automatically rotating proxy servers. With Rank Tracker you can make as many searches as you need. 2. Keyword Research Rank Tracker gives you 10 advanced keyword research methods that will help you find all the most traffic-heavy search strings you've been missing out on. The supported keyword tools include: - Wordtracker - Keyword Discovery - Google Search Based Keyword Tool - Yahoo! Search Assist - Ask TypeAhead Search Suggestions - and more And that's not all. Rank Tracker will walk an extra mile and calculate Keyword Efficiency Index (number-of-searches-to-competition ratio) for each keyword so that you can instantly pick the best ones. Rank Tracker is a huge time saver for individual website promoters and SEO companies. It totaly slashes the time you spend on rankings checks and keyword research. Need a productivity booster? Download Rank Tracker free and you'll be able to accomplish three times as much as you used to.


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E-Mail Validator - check if an e-mail address exists and is valid by using the mailserver! This software is great to make sure your list of newsletters e-mail addresses is clean, and contains no fake addresses! Many people when they sign up for a newsletter enter a fake e-mail address, which then results in multiple bounces and possible (temporary) suspension of a domain. This software allows you to enter a bunch of e-mail addresses to process in batch. It will actually test the e-mail address and make sure it is valid, by contacting the domain to see if a corresponding mail server exists. It will then determine if the e-mail address exists. If a valid mail server exists, then the e-mail is valid, otherwise it is not. You can also use an exclude list to remove e-mails that start with certain phrases (i.e., abuse@... , postmaster@... ). Some jerks like to enter fake information like this, and the software can automatically remove these types of addresses, resulting in a clean e-mail list! The main features are: Easily add a bunch of e-mail addresses to process in batch! (Be sure to check our other software which allows you to extract e-mail addresses from a whole set of files on your computer system!) Enter anything that you want in the exclude list, to exclude while verifying e-mail addresses Optionally verify the structure of an e-mail address, by making sure it contains valid characters, an at sign (@), as well as a period. Now you can send out massive e-mails to your newsletter subscribers, without receiving those annoying bouncebacks or getting your ISP upset! So Enjoy! :) 

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