Recovery Toolbox for RAR was created to help users solve the rar recovery issues and always have control of their archived data. It recovers information from damaged rar files and minimizes data loss during the rar recovery process. One of the peculiarities of this application is the fact that it employs several heuristic algorithms and methods to repair rar file or recover information from damaged rar files. The use of multiple algorithms allows the program to minimize data loss during rar recovery, therefore the user sees as much as possible about the files being recovered. The last phase of the process is the data integrity check, which ensures that the recovered files are fully usable. Password-protected archives are no problem for Recovery Toolbox for RAR – you will have to enter the password when prompted and the application will make a fix rar file attempt using the specified password. The program supports Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000. Recovery Toolbox for RAR is able to: - Repair encrypted data from RAR archives - Repair self-extracting (SFX) files - Repair RAR files larger than 2 GB - Restore RAR files from damaged media (floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, RAR drives, etc.) - Check file integrity - Repair corrupted RAR archives on the local area network - Fix the Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive in RAR archive error One of the fundamental concepts embodied in Recovery Toolbox for RAR is the simplicity of use. Its wizard-driven, intuitive interface makes the process of corrupt rar repair a task literally anyone can perform. While being a convenient, efficient and habitual method of storing and archiving information, RAR files can sometimes be a real pain in the neck and a problem that can jeopardize the completion of urgent tasks. A significant fraction of files downloaded from the Internet are compressed into RAR archives for traffic-saving purposes, which is an obviously positive fact.


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Actual Rar Repair is a powerful tool that allows you to repair corrupt RAR and SFX archives of any version. Actual Rar Repair boasts a clear intuitive user interface and handles rar repair in the automatic mode, relieving the user of the technical side of the process. In batch mode you can recover a group of rar files with a single strike. With Actual Rar Repair you also can easily recover rar files of any size and of any number of volumes.

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The RAR Recovery Toolbox tool recovers data from damaged RAR archives. The program scans the archive, defines the data structure and tries to recover as much information as it can from the damaged file. Using several different recovery algorithms, the tool minimizes data loss and tries to recover the maximum possible amount of information. It also checks the data for consistency to enhance the quality of data recovery. After the program finishes the recovery session, it shows a full recovery report. An intuitive and convenient user interface makes the work with the program easy and comfortable even for a beginner. The process of data recovery consists of several steps performed in separate windows, so the recovery process becomes even more convenient. During data recovery the program doesn’t modify the damaged archive; it just recovers files from the archive and saves it to the hard disk. The folder structure remains the same, file and folder names aren’t changed too. Main features of RAR Recovery Toolbox: - Recovering encrypted data - Recovering data from password-protected RAR archives - Recovering data from damaged storage devices (floppy disks, CDs, Zip-Drives, etc.) - Working with RAR archives in a local network - Using several independent algorithms to maximize the amount of recovered information Main causes of damage to RAR archives: - Incorrect shutdown of the operating system (power drop, restarting the computer using the RESET button, etc.) - Virus activity - Incorrect work of antivirus software - The archive wasn’t downloaded/copied from the network completely - Some programs process archives incorrectly - the list goes on… Scanning speed depends on the size of the damaged archive. RAR Recovery Toolbox is distributed under the “Try before Buy” license. Unregistered users can’t save a recovered file on disk. 

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