Do you want to have an automatic power management for all computers in your organization? EMCO Remote Shutdown enables executing reboot, power off and wake up and other management operations on network PCs. You can control the state of particular PC or group of PCs directly from your work place and execute required operation by just one mouse click. Advanced scheduler allows you to organize automatic management and execute required operations in defined time periods. EMCO Remote Shutdown is intuitive and really easy to use. In order to change the state of one or group of PCs you have to follow just 3 steps. First step - define the operation you need to execute. You can choose reboot, power off or other operation from the list. Second step - choose PCs where operation will be executed. Third step - press a button for immediate operation execution or put it to schedule for automatic execution in defined date and time. KEY FEATURES - Remote management of one or many PCs in the network; - Execution of Shutdown, Reboot, Power Off, Log Off, Wake on Lan, Lock/Unlock keyboard and mouse operations on remote PCs; - Operations scheduling for automatic execution according with defined conditions; - Force closing of all applications at the remote PCs before execution of operation; - Sending notifications to remote PCs before execution of operations; - Ability to operate both in domain or workgroup. No special requirements for environment; Are you ready for changes? Make a power management easier, reduce power bills and prolong the hardware life. Download a FREE trial!


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EMCO Remote Shutdown:


Network Security Protector is the best network-based security software for corporations, public libraries, internet cafes, schools, universities and other public environment applications where administrator has to secure and maintain a lot of network PC workstations located in different places. This software offers a comprehensive protection and remote maintenance ability for Windows-based workstations. It supports over 600 different security restrictions, options and tweaks that allow you to restrict access to all parts of Windows, apply executable patches remotely, and schedule reboots, shutdowns, and Windows Explorer restarts from a single administrator's computer connected to a TCP/IP-based network or Internet. The only thing you have to do is to install and configure the remote client service application on all your remote workstations, and after that you do not need to physically attend them anymore. You just change security settings and apply executable patches form your administrator's computer from any place where your can connect your computer to the net. 

Network Security Protector:


EasyRemoteSupport is a powerful remote support software which is extremely easy to operate. There are only three steps to do to activate the software: Register, Charge your Credit and Start! Pay once and use forever. Further advantages are: integrate your own logo, file transfer in both directions, no monthly costs, without installation, integrated user administration and simple accounting with point system! Test the software now with username demo and password demo for free! 

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