Actual Drawing is a visual publishing tool that helps you make Web pages without having to know HTML, allowing you to drag and drop page content. The program has its own image manipulation tools so you don't need to use a third-party image editor - web page content can be drawn with various effects like glow, shadow, or transparency. Resolution-independent vector layers can be resized without loss of quality. The filling gradients and patterns enable to create visual effects with stunning realism. The program has easy-to-use tools to prepare custom rollover buttons; it creates necessary images and Java script. In addition, Actual Drawing has features to publish your site, create forms, and make web albums. You can check broken links with the program, and submit your pages to search engines. It also features batch processor, ready-to-use Java Scripts, and much more.


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Make Great Looking Rollovers Fast and Easy. Use Bmp, Gif, Animated GIF, Jpg, or Png images. No CGI. No MySQL. No PHP. Mo XML. No ASP. No Technical experience required. Preview while you work to see what combination works best for you. Verify Link and E-mail address before you grab the code. This can save you time and effort! Link to a web page, e-mail program, image, PDF, EXE, and ZIP file. IFrame and Frame compatible. Open a linked page in the same page, IFrame (parent, self. or top) or a named IFrame. Open a linked page in a named Frame of a Frameset. Alternatively, open a linked web page in a new window. It's extremely easy to open a linked web page anywhere on a web site. Trigger an event when the rollover is pressed. Make it easy for visitors to print the page, scroll to the top of the page, close the window, refresh the page, go back to their previous page in cache, forward to their next page in cache, reset a form, and submit a form. A Tool tip can appear when the pointer is placed over the rollover. Select a cursor image. Your personalized message can appear in the status bar of applicable browsers. Unlimited use. No additional costs.

Actual Drawing:

Rollover Maker Pro:


This software enables you to create professional quality, unique web buttons in a matter of minutes. With Agama web Buttons you can create a variety of 2D and 3D glassy, metallic, plastic and even XP or Vista style buttons from predefined templates. Base installation of Agama Web Buttons contains 70 packages with more then 700 button templates for instant use. Creating roll-over and animated buttons just got easy! HTML & JavaScript code generation supported ! All standard Web image formats are supported, including: GIF,PNG,JPEG,BMP. Transparent color supported! 

Agama Web Buttons:


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